Hublot history

In 1976, Carlo Crocco left the Italian Binda Group dynasty which was famous for producing Breil watches and created his own company in 1980 in Switzerland, forming MDM Geneve and creating a new watch that he named “Hublot” after the French word for “porthole”.  A few months after its foundation, Hublot created the ‘Fusion’ concept which was then implemented during the 1990s by the majority of high-end watchmakers. Such watch was the first watch in history to have a natural rubber strap, taking 3 years of research to create such strap.

However, it failed to attract a single potential customer at the 1980 Basel Watch Fair on the first day of its debut but the watch then quickly reached an excess of $2m in sales in its first year, proving that it’s of a great success. In 2004, since Jean-Claude Biver became the CEO of Hublot, its success grew rapidly. And since April 2008, the luxury goods group, LVMH, has been operating Hublot, adding it to its existing watch brands portfolio.

In 2009, at the BaselWorld, Hublot unveiled a smart way to detect illegal watch copies using a smart card by which the system authenticates watches on the servers of Hublot and such system was live in August 2009. Through the years, Hublot has engaged in a number of sponsorship deals and a large number of celebrity and sports events in order to increase the brand’s public profile, creating watch collections in collaboration with VIPs and employing intense marketing plans for its brand.


Such leading watch company has proved its proficiency in the luxury watch market. It has its own recognizable, truly iconic designs, mixing between design and demographics and offering a modern taste to the world. Hublot doesn’t produce vintage-looking watches but those with modern designs, so, they are more popular among collectors who admire such taste. Hublot’s modern styling and novel strap succeeded to catch the attention of many luxury watch collectors.

Celebrities wearing Hublot

Usain Bolt, the Olympic champion, loves wearing his Hublot King Power Usain Bolt, the watch he and  Hublot designed together in 2012. Also, Jay-Z has a Hublot in his impressive watch collection. Jay-Z’s wife, Beyoncé, understood her husband’s watch obsession, buying a $5-million, all-diamond Hublot Big Bang for his birthday. Kylie Jenner also was spotted wearing a Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold Pave.

Jay Z – In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 (No Text)

Most popular Hublot models and collections

The Hublot $5 million

The entire watch is made of diamonds, 1,282 diamonds, weighing 140 carats in total. To create, such watch, it took 17 designers and 14 months. It’s super rare and of course, as the name states, it costs $5 million.

Big Bang

Symbolizing modern design and accuracy, this watch is a unique masterpiece with a ceramic case, a black dial with a sapphire crystal, a deployant buckle, and of course, Hublot’s signature rubber strap. It’s waterproof (up to 100 meters), having a 120-hour power reserve.

The Bigger Bang

This distinctive, all-black Hublot’s watch is famous for its skeletonized dial, a stainless steel clasp, a display made of sapphire, 33 encrusted jewels, and a single button chronograph.

The Classic Fusion

The Spirit Of Big Bang

Hublot price range

You can get your Hublot starting from around $6,000.

If you intend spending more you might have to invest even more than $40,000 in your Hublot watch.

Top Hublot models over $35,000

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