How to choose a luxury watch

How to choose a luxury watch

Looking at luxury watches’ prices, it’s never easy to spend money that much so, you should do some research first and know exactly what to do. Actually, there are not any wrong answers for that question here but the most important issue to know is that it should suit your style, preference, and personality.  Here are some tips for you before buying your luxury watch.

Evaluate your budget

Depending on your budget, choose a watch down the price spectrum or a more expensive one, which you can afford. For your first watch, some might says it’s better to choose a very expensive luxury watch rather than the cheapest one as it’s going to be your one and only, wearing it through the years and staying yours for generations.

However, others say that you should start your watch collection by the cheapest one and since you have entered the world of luxury watches, you would know more about the styles, models, brands, etc., so, you might replace the watch for another new one as your taste and preference would change or even you might want to expand your watch collection.

Do your homework

Do some research. Search for top luxury watch brands at first, then, choose a brand that gives you trust, confidence, and elegance. For example, many luxury watch consumers choose Rolex, Omega or Patek Philippe for their first watch but of course, it’s not a rule.

Choose your brand then, choose the model, metal, and color. And of course, check reviews online and compare its prices in different stores.

Consider Swiss made

Switzerland has been ruling the industry of luxury watches, being a symbol of innovative engineering, high-quality craftsmanship, and prestige. So, you will feel proud of wearing a brand with the “Swiss Made” seal of approval. Also, Swiss made watches are a lifetime purchase being the most durable brands so, they are usually the safest bet. That’ why they are great for your first watch.

German or British

Being the safest bet, Swiss made brands are the most selling luxury watches, however, for those who want to stand out from the crowd, German or British made brands are no less. In fact, some historic British brands, such as Arnold & Son, are now under Swiss guardianship, which made the British luxury watch brands come back to the luxury watch markets. So, for your first luxury watch, historical British designs and Swiss craftsmanship is a good combination to start your luxury watch journey.

New or pre-owned?

It’s not a rule. If you want to save some thousands of dollars, you can buy a pre-owned luxury watch of a like-new condition. There is a huge argument that your first luxury watch should be a new one as you will be the first one to wear it, making it “truly” yours. However, some might say that saving money is worth it and you will buy a luxury watch in a perfect condition. But of course, if the price difference is slight, consider buying a new one.

Choose a trusted retailer

Choosing your retailer is the most critical step in the whole buying process. As there are many identical-looking fakes, you have to choose a reputable retailer as it’s so difficult to tell the genuine one and the fake one apart. For North America, Canada, USA, and Mexico, you can check the retailer’s rating on Better Business Bureau website. Check the retailer’s reviews and services, for both stores and online websites. Having a buyer protection, purchase warranty, and solid after-sales services are important factors that determine your choice of retailers.

Beware of fakes

There are many replicas for luxury watches. Some may be so good that even experts can’t tell the difference between them. Of course, buying a replica destroys the whole purpose of buying a genuine luxury watch. Replicas use low quality, cheap materials. That’s why they are much cheaper than the genuine luxury watches. So, be aware when you see the price of the watch you are looking for is so low, below all the reputable retailers in such marketplace, which means that it’s most probable that this watch is a fake one. And of course, there’s the “Frankenstein watch” that is made by combining some genuine parts with some fake ones, which makes it so hard to authenticate them.

Takeaway tips

  • Search for functional designs. The model you choose should reflect your lifestyle and personality, which is functional, not affecting or complicating your movement. (choose value over price)
  • For your everyday luxury watches, you should choose those that suit the size of your wrist which sits perfectly under cuffs and is appropriate for all dress codes.
  • Your luxury watch collection is an extension of your wardrobe, so, you should choose carefully the colors of the enamel and the straps.

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